Spring Flowers for a Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring is a wonderful time of year for weddings in Wyoming. Temperatures begin to rise to comfortable levels, wildlife begins to stir, and the first signs of beautiful spring flowers dot the hills and valleys. The awakening landscapes provide refreshing spring color palettes and provide limitless inspiration for floral designs.

At Snake River Flowers, there are several varieties of flowers that we feel embody the essence of spring weddings. Here are just a few of our favorites:

A Few of our Favorite Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers: Peonies Peonies

With their large and showy blooms, peonies are the giants of spring flowers. When first seen by the explorer Marco Polo, he famously called them “roses as big as cabbages.” Packed with layer upon layer of delicate petals, some varieties feature heads 10 inches across. A favorite of spring weddings for many years, peonies are regarded as a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage.

Now found across the world, peonies are native to Western North America, Asia and Southern Europe. They have been bred in a wide array of colors and shades, making them adaptable to most any wedding color palette. With their plentiful petals, peonies make for beautiful bouquets and arrangements that are both soft and impactful.

 Spring Flowers: AnemonesAnemones

Named for the Greek phrase meaning “daughter of the wind,” anemones add simple beauty to arrangements with their high-contrast centers. While many brides opt for the popular crisp white variety, they are also available in hues of pink, magenta, blue, purple, and even vibrant red.

Anemones have an unusual trait other than their striking beauty: they have almost no scent. For brides that are sensitive to floral fragrances, anemones offer plenty of visual impact without the heady aromas associated with many blooms. Their simple, soft forms work beautifully in clusters or as accents in arrangements.

Spring Weddings: Calla LiliesCalla Lilies

A large, tropical flower, calla lilies are sleek and elegant. They are a popular choice among brides looking for a sophisticated flower to complement clean, modern wedding designs. Calla lilies create lovely arrangements when gathered on their own in large numbers. For mixed bouquets, calla lilies add a structural element that plays off of softer flowers like baby’s breath or delicate, leafy greenery such as ferns.

Used traditionally as a symbol of magnificent beauty, the calla lily is available in several colors and shades. Creamy whites, rich purples, and vibrant orange varieties are all available. With their upright posture and solid structure, calla lilies bring a refined air to wedding arrangements.

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