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Wedding Flower Traditions

Have you ever wondered about the meanings and traditions behind using flowers at a wedding? We hold flowers, wear them, display them, throw them, and scatter them at different points in the ceremony. While there is no doubt that they are beautiful, most uses at weddings have their roots in very old flower traditions from…
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Spring Flowers for a Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring is a wonderful time of year for weddings in Wyoming. Temperatures begin to rise to comfortable levels, wildlife begins to stir, and the first signs of beautiful spring flowers dot the hills and valleys. The awakening landscapes provide refreshing spring color palettes and provide limitless inspiration for floral designs. At Snake River Flowers, there are…
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Jackson Hole Weddings

There are many benefits to having your wedding in the beautiful town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Set against the backdrop of incredible natural areas, Jackson Hole weddings provide your guests with an almost unlimited range of experiences. The charming Town Square is lined with unique shopping and dining venues, and Snake River Flowers can work…
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Stress Free Christmas Decorating – We do it ALL!

Ah, the holidays in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A time to enjoy the season and all it brings: crisp, white snow blanketing the trees, a roaring fire to keep the chill of December at bay, surrounded by the smiling faces of family that have been too-long separated by busy schedules as they come together to enjoy the…
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Your Perfect Christmas in the Mountains!

You’ve just stepped off the plane after landing in the majestic Tetons in Jackson WY. You can see your breath as you walk toward the terminal to get your bags and are exhilarated at all that lies ahead. Christmas Vacation in Jackson Hole Wyoming! You’ve got the whole family coming in, there’s skiing to do,…
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  • I planned my wedding quickly and was very busy. I had very little time to be "hands on" during the planning process. I met with Jenn once and gave her an idea what I was looking for. After that, I left it in her hands. I could not have been more pleased. Everything was perfect...

    Kallie N.

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